How to kill an expensive LCD screen

The worst things you can do to your screen, other than dropping it or smashing it with a hammer, is to spray something on it.

One client unfortunately used Windex. Maybe he saw “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” once too many times. He used just enough fluid to make it run down the screen and get into the bottom edge. The screen went black, and that was that. Apple informed the gentleman than fluid spills are not covered by Applecare. (It’s virtually impossible to hide a fluid spill. It doesn’t really evaporate from the casing). The first thing techs look for on a failed screen is tell-tale droplets in the casing.

Unless you want a good excuse to buy a new screen, keep sprays away from you LCD. For cleaning screens, we recommend a great product made by a company called Radtech. It’s an optical cloth that’s as soft as a baby’s bottom. Once you dab the screen with a provided alcohol swab (such as those used for prepping for a flu shot), you GENTLY wipe the LCD screen with this cloth. It works very well, and we wouldn’t use anything else.