How to get your own domain

Get your own domain, and never have to change your email address again.

For most people, the idea of having their own domain is daunting. Many aren’t even sure what a domain is, but they assume that a web site would be involved. To put it simply, a domain is the name given to a particular address you would use on the web, such as “”, or “ The challenge is really coming up with a domain name, or address, that no one has taken yet. You won’t find names like “” or available. You’ll have to be more original. Domains are not limited to dot coms either. You may find a dot net, or dot org, or even dot TV.

Every now and then, you may receive a very competitive offer from an internet service provider other than your own. Instead of paying the current $50 per month, perhaps a competitors offers you the same connection speed at half the price. Problem is, you would have to switch. That means either paying your previous ISP a smaller monthly fee to keep your original email address, or, notifying everyone in your address book of your new email address. Not only can this be a real hassle, but there is always the danger that someone, somewhere, won’t know of your address change.

There is a better way. How would you like to have your very own email domain? Wouldn’t it be simple to just give out Someone named Nadine Shaw could set up She would be completely independent of any service provider, and could switch to whichever service provided the best deal at any given time. Her email address would be hosted by Godaddy, not any ISP. Does that mean you have to set up and pay for a web site? No. All you need is an original name to use as a domain. We really like the services provided by an internet company called In fact, we now purchase all of our domains from them.